Frequently Asked Questions


What is the Corpus Christi Association of REALTORS®?

The Corpus Christi Association of REALTORS® or CCAR, is the local association of REALTORS® for Corpus Christi and surrounding areas. CCAR represents over 1,800 REALTOR® members in Nueces, Jim Wells, Live Oak, Kleberg, Kenedy, and Brooks counties.

What are the dues and fees?

Board/Association Membership Dues
When you join Corpus Christi Association of REALTORS® (CCAR), you’re also joining Texas REALTORS® (TR) and the National Association of REALTORS® (NAR).

These are all separate entities that you will pay dues for when you join as a REALTOR® member. CCAR, TR, and NAR membership is based on the calendar year (January 1st – December 31st) and fees are prorated monthly.

CCAR Dues: $200 (pro-rated monthly)
NAR Dues: $195 (pro-rated monthly)
TAR Dues: $152 (pro-rated monthly)

Total Primary Membership Dues: $547

South Texas MLS Fees
Quarterly Fee: $156.96 (pro-rated monthly per quarter)
MLS Reinstatement Fee: $50

Supra Fees
Activation Fee: $50 plus tax (one-time)
Basic eKey monthly service fee: $17.30
Professional eKey monthly service fee: $27.09

Please note: Pro-rated fees apply only to new Members/Participants/Subscribers and those being reinstated to the service.

What area does South Texas MLS cover?

South Texas MLS covers Nueces, Jim Wells, Live Oak, Kleberg, Kenedy, and Brooks counties.

Can I join CCAR  to get MLS access without an active license?

No, an active license is required for membership and/or MLS access.

My broker is not a member of CCAR.  Can I still join?

No, your broker must be a member in order for you to join.

My sponsoring broker is a member.  Do I have to join CCAR?

If a broker is a member of any Association of REALTORS®, all sponsored agents or brokers must join an Association of REALTORS®. If the sponsored agent/broker does not join a board, the broker will be assessed additional dues for each sponsored agent/broker.

What benefits does CCAR offer its members?

Some benefits of membership include:

  • Access to CCAR facilities, meeting rooms, and tech equipment
  • Access to the CCAR REALTOR® Store with items such as signs, balloons, flyer boxes, and much more - all sold at cost
  • A downloadable MLS App for easy MLS access on the go
  • For a full list of Member Benefits click here

What are my responsibilities as a new member?

All new members must complete New Member Orientation within 90 days of joining.  You must also complete the online NAR Code of Ethics course within 45 days of joining.  The exception to this is if you are active with another board, attended orientation at that board and are joining CCAR as a secondary member or transferring your membership to CCAR and have not been inactive for over two years.